The Constitutions of the United States and the State of New York provide individuals with numerous protections against unlawful and unwarranted government intrusion into our daily lives. Mr. Grandinette has handled many high profile civil rights cases related to unconstitutional police actions such as false arrests, malicious prosecution and excessive force cases. Mr. Grandinette’s success in this field lead directly to the modification of the Nassau County Homicide Bureau’s interrogation practices. Following the LEE verdict, and several other high profile murder cases where false confessions were procured, the Bureau instituted a policy of video taping all homicide interrogations.


Most recently Mr. Grandinette settled an Estate claim for three million dollars against Suffolk County, stemming from the death of Scott Eriksen while in the custody of the Suffolk County Sherrifs’ Department resulting in a two part news special aired on Channel 7 eye-witness news.