Tony is relentless and always thoroughly prepared.
He leaves no stone unturned.

-Jim, former Detective, NYPD

I first meet Mr. Grandinette on the witness stand in the Courtroom, I recommend his firm without reservation.

-Bobby, former Homicide Detective, NCPD

Mr. Grandinette is a skilled and formidable adversary. Prosecutors have sound reason to fear him.

-Lou former Homicide Detective, NYPD

I had a complex business dispute involving major corporate entities. Tony’s negotiation skills were phenomenal, resulting in a substantial settlement to my firm. Some court decisions were reported in the Times business section.

-Shlomo from Manhattan, NY

Mr. Grandinette handled a complex litigation matter for me concerning contractual matters with corporate entities based in Chicago. I couldn’t have been happier with the service or the outcome.

-Scott from Smithtown, NY

After I was arrested for a string of armed robberies I did not commit, I was sent to jail and could not afford to post bail. I explained to Mr. Grandinette that I was innocent and that I was framed. No one believed me, but Tony did, and he fought tirelessly to establish my innocence. Tony broke the case wide open, and all the charges were dismissed and my case became a National news event.

-Semona from Queens, NY

During my trial, Mr. Grandinette absolutely dissected a well educated surgeon on the witness stand to the point I was embarrassed for him. The first thing the jurors wanted after the trial was over was his business card.

-Jonathan form Bellport, NY

After my son was killed while in custody of the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department, I knew the authorities were lying about how he died. Tony never rested, taking on the County and State officials and eventually uncovering the truth. My son was vindicated and his story was aired in a special two part report on Channel 7 news. Tony cleared my son’s name, and the case resulted in a $3 million dollar settlement to his estate.

-Gary from Mastic, NY

After my injuries from a car accident, other attorneys told me that my case was worth thousands, that I was in a conservative jurisdiction, where juries were reluctant to award money. After the first witness testified at trial, Tony settled my case for millions. Thanks Tony.

-Michael from Saint James, NY

After my 18-year-old son was charged with murder I thought his life was over. My son told me he was tricked into signing a confession and that he was innocent. Other lawyers I went to see laughed at us. Tony proved my son was telling the truth, and he was not only acquitted of the murder, but a civil jury awarded my son $2 million dollars in damages for the 21 months he spent in jail. I prayed to God to send help and he sent me Tony.

-Dorothy from Freeport, NY

Tony never rested until my name was cleared for the alleged murder of my neighbor, and then he proved the police framed me. You can trust him with your life.

-Shonnard from Freeport, NY

I was wrongfully charged with the murder of a man and hired Mr. Grandinette to defend me. He was incredible; fully prepared, professional, and genuinely concerned for my well-being. The jury acquitted me and I will be forever indebted to Tony for all his relentless efforts.

-Calvin from Hempstead, NY

After my son’s arrest, I turned to the Law Office of Anthony Grandinette on a friend’s recommendation. The whole staff was incredible. I would refer a family member or friend to your law firm. Erica has been most helpful and returned our calls in a timely manner. We appreciate the service we have received.

-Janice from Ronkonkoma, NY

After my husband tragically died in a motorcycle accident, I was referred to the Law Offices of Anthony M. Grandinette. The driver who caused the accident misrepresented all the facts and my children and I were left economically distressed. Tony was relentless, proved my husband was not at fault, and obtained an award that helped save my home and keep my family together. The staff was incredible, kind, and professional. I would recommend the firm without reservation.

-Lisa from Kings Park, NY